Mapping the Unknown

Galleria Rustica is pleased to present this collection of unfamiliar geographies and cartographic curiosities that offer new perspectives on what we know — and don’t know — of the world around us.

Taking a wrong turn

From a massive, magnetic rock at the centre of the North Pole, to the island of California and a planet-sized roulette table — it’s little wonder we feel so lost sometimes.

A break in the clouds

In his atlas from 1830, Edward Quin depicts the ends of the world at various stages in history; from Eden and the Roman Empires, to the discovery of America and the Restoration of the Stuarts.

Uncovering the Mississippis

For an otherwise dry 1944 geology report, cartographer Harold Fisk hit upon a colourful way to map out the many courses the meandering Mississippi has taken over the years, as it winds its way down to the Delta.